Winnipeg’s Zoot Pictures is delighted to announce all new episodes of NIKOLA TESLA AND THE END OF THE WORLD (6x10) will be available to stream on CBC Gem as of Friday, October 4th, 2019. The season will also launch on Amazon Prime Video in the U.S. and the U.K. on the same day. This new season follows a prequel season released in 2016.

In this charming and quirky science fiction series, two physicists and a lost boyfriend use Nikola Tesla's multiverse device to travel through parallel Brooklyns and bring Nikola home… if they can manage to get him out of debt and defeat an inter-dimensional death cult.

Fast-paced and absurd, NIKOLA TESLA AND THE END OF THE WORLD puts a fresh spin on history, science, and social commentary. The series explores the intersection of science and ethics, cutting-edge scientific theories, as well as the frightening potential of powerful technology. The series has a fresh format and style, a stellar cast, and 628,609 potential worlds to explore.

NIKOLA TESLA AND THE END OF THE WORLD is written and directed by Ian Strang, a Canadian filmmaker and editor who works in Canada and London, U.K. The season stars Winnipeg locals Stephanie Sy (Fractured, The Grudge) as Harriet, Adam Hurtig (Cult of Chucky, JT Leroy) as Alonso, and John B. Lowe (The Butterfly Effect, The Haunting in Connecticut) as Theon. It also stars returning British actors Paul O’Neill (The Escape From Auschwitz) as Nikola Tesla, and Gillian MacGregor (Beyond, A Lonely Place to Die) as Dr. Sophie Clarke. The season was shot entirely in Winnipeg, with an all-Manitoba crew. 

Praise For the Prequel Season:

" is a stroke of genius to transport to the present a charismatic inventor decades ahead of his contemporaries and pair him up with a down-to-earth physics lecturer."
- Liesbeth Venema, Senior Physics Editor, NATURE

"...a web series that not only is zany fun, but also manages to slyly comment on some important contemporary social issues. While watching, I got the same vibe from the light, airy tone of the series as I did from many of the best episodes of Doctor Who."
- The 7th Matrix

"If you’re a fan of the low-tech earlier Dr Who, you’re bound to enjoy this series."
- Amazing Stories

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